Apollo the Monkey – with the Enigma machine


Apollo the Monkey encoding messages using a genuine Enigma machine. Thanks to Dr James Grime.


Balloon hovercraft – Experiment

What’s the effect?

A simple to make hovercraft that will glide over smooth surfaces.

You will need:

  • A CD or DVD
  • Plasticine or “Blue tack”
  • A balloon
  • A drinks bottle lid with sports cap. (“Fruit shoots” work well.)


What’s the method?

Make a ring from the plasticine or “Blue tack”. Use this to create an airtight seal between the CD and the bottle cap. (Alternatively you can use a hot glue gun to stick the cap to the CD.)

Inflate the balloon and it put over the top of the sports cap. See the bottom photo for the completed hovercraft.

By adjusting the air flow out of the balloon with the sports cap, the CD will gently hover on a smooth surface. By pushing the CD sideways it will move with very little friction over a smooth surface.